Making sense of top 2020 Color Trends with MuralsWallpaper

Making sense of top 2020 Color Trends with MuralsWallpaper

Wall design experts MuralsWallpaper break down the top color predictions for 2020 and how to translate them to interiors.

A host of brands and color authorities are now forecasting next year’s biggest and best key color trends - but what comes next? Understanding how best to use the shades in the home can be puzzling.

After exploring Coloro, WGSN, Milan Design Week, 2020 runways trends and more throughout the year, MuralsWallpaper have created and curated a selection of mural designs that take Neo Mint, Purist Blue, Mellow Yellow, New Romantic and Red Clay from conceptual color predications to achievable, liveable wallpaper ideas that suit many different styles of interiors.

Get the home ready for an exciting new era of color!

Neo Mint

Neo Mint is arguably the most popular of the top 2020 colors right now, and is being described as the new 'Millennial pink'.

The theme of the color is rooted in natural sciences and an optimistic outlook on the future of tech and sustainability.

The shade is warmer and brighter than common blue tinted shades of mint, so it's perfect for creating a modern, fresh-feeling home environment. The Synthesiser mural is shade matched with Neo Mint and has a gradient shape design created with futurism in mind.

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Purist Blue

Coloro describe Purist Blue as a soft and sunny blue that feels crisp, cool and contemporary, very unlike the deeper blues popular in past seasons.

This shade of blue can be associated with peace, meditation and a calm day's sea and sky.

The versatility of Purist Blue makes it the neutral shade of the new year that minimalists can easily add to their color palette. The Wytham mural is an etched forest design that will bring this 2020 color to the home as a breath of fresh forest air.

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Mellow Yellow

It's not Mustard, it's Mellow Yellow. Swap Gen Z Yellow for this homely hue next year for a  more laid back look.

This color trend doesn’t mean having to commit to drenching full walls in block yellow color. Mellow Yellow is best treated as an accent color that can be paired with either subtle or similar dominant tones for a harmonious feel that lets the shade stand out.

The playful color is made more suitable for walls as pops of Mellow Yellow flecks in a terrazzo-inspired design.

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New Romantic

It’s been easy to shy away from purple in interiors over the last decade, saving it exclusively for party season. Royal purples may not rule over interiors, but New Romantic is stealing the show for 2020.

This is a purple shade bursting with drama, and moving away from pastel lavender's popularity this year. Think berries, amethysts and foxgloves.

The Penelope mural introduces the New Romantic color in a way that doesn't cover the full wall, but allows the passion of the shade to shine with delicate watercolor florals.

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Red Clay

Red Clay is a natural progression on from Terracotta's popularity, with a more sunbaked shade for 2020 that will be ideal for styling with ancient Greek motifs in mind.

This color has a deep connection with the natural earth in its intense warmth, which comes as a great comfort.

The reassuring shade of Red Clay will make a home feel more welcoming, and the Freeflow mural adds to the primal theme with an expressive abstract design across the wall.

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All 5 designs are now available at MuralsWallpaper.

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