'Midnight Blooms' wallpaper collection captures the moody floral trend

'Midnight Blooms' wallpaper collection captures the moody floral trend

The set of new murals that put a twist on floral design are home decor's answer to the dramatic trend that's currently captivating the fashion world.

The Midnight Blooms collection by MuralsWallpaper features moody floral motifs in romantic jewel tones and blushed rose hues sinking into a black background.

There's something different about these designs from regular floral patterns. Beautiful bunches of in-season flowers and greenery have been photographed to create the collection, resulting in flower wallpapers with an abundance of shadows, depth and crisp details.

A big trend is blooming

Dark floral designs with rich colours are a stand-out theme taking over the fashion scene this season. Vogue is calling them 'dark blooms', and they can be seen all over runways.

Then trend is defined by flower prints and patterns in vibrant or Wintery color palettes, with the key element of a solid black or deep blue backing that lets the florals really pop.

MuralsWallpaper is seeing a rise in customers' interests in moody floral murals for their homes, too, which also tie in nicely with popular luxe and maximalist decor styles.

It's no doubt that this trend will continue to blossom in interiors, and the Midnight Blooms wallpapers let homes achieve a dark bloom aesthetic with designs that are more exciting and stylish than what 'floral wallpaper' usually entails.

Product details

The Aria bouquet mural is an alluring statement piece that bears resemblance to famous floral Rembrandt or de Heem art, despite being entirely photographic.

Evelyn is a more subtle wallpaper that recreates a classic floral motif with photographed flower arrangements. And the final design is Camilla, which covers a wall in soft color blends and close-up chrysanthemums, peonies and hydrangeas.

The Midnight Blooms collection is now available at MuralsWallpaper:

US: from $3.90 per square foot: https://www.muralswallpaper.com/wall-murals/flower-wallpaper-murals/

Europe: from €37.20 per square metre: https://www.muralswallpaper.com/wall-murals/flower-wallpaper-murals/

Canada: from $4.91 per square foot: https://www.muralswallpaper.com/ca/wall-murals/flower-wallpaper-murals/

AUS: from $52.80 per square metre: https://www.muralswallpaper.com/au/wall-murals/flower-wallpaper-murals/

NZ: from $57.60 per square metre: https://www.muralswallpaper.com/nz/wall-murals/flower-wallpaper-murals/

Email annafell@milexagroup.com with requests or proposals and they will be happy to help.

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